This is the one move to improve the revenue of your AdWords campaigns

Gerben Veenema25 October 2018


You’re walking in a shoppingmall and pass a clothing store with a gorgeous window. The window is fabulously decorated and in the middle you see a stylish suit. Dark blue, light chequered, white shirt and beautifully tailored trousers. That’s the one you want and you’re definitely going for it!

Determined to try the suit, you walk into the store. It’s quite crowded, the staff members are unavailable. No problem: you’ll look for it yourself.

After having walked through the entire store twice, you still haven’t found that suit you wanted. On top of it, it’s pretty warm and the long queue at the checkout doesn’t provide much hope for a pleasant shopping experience. Utterly disappointed you leave the store, without a suit, without a purchase.

That’s exactly what often happens online. Especially with AdWords campaigns.

The problem of many AdWords Campaigns

Website-owners or webshops usually invest a lot in their ‘window’; strong AdWords campaigns with appealing texts and pretty promises.

But than…
In AdWords campaigns, usually something is promised: a lowest price guarantee, everything in stock, free shipping, 5-minute response time or whatever promise you can think of.

It often happens that, once you’ve clicked the advert, everything that was promised has vanished! Items are more expensive than the ad promised, many items are out of stock or there might be shipping costs. All contrary the promises given in the ad. In short: the content of landingpages often doesn’t correspond with the content of AdWords campaigns.

An example of this when I searched for ‘cheap rental car’:


I thought: Wow £2,00! Great: that’s as cheap as I need it!

However, where I landed was this:


You notice that it got even better for car rental in Spain, just £1!! But, there is a ‘*’… Taxes and additional surcharges. I filled in the parameters and did a search for Malaga based on a 7-day rental. These were the options:


Nowhere near as cheap as £1 a day.

Sure, the advertiser did get a visitor to his website, but many visitors do not want to have to fill in the parameters and they certainly don’t want to find out the promised £1 is at least £8. The visitor’s expectation isn’t matched and there’s a high chance he/she will immediately click away.

It’s a shame of that click. A shame of that budget.

(However, to make up to Auto Europe, they  do offer really cheap rentals).

Is the revenue of your AdWords campaigns not what you expected? There is a chance that your AdWords campaigns in itself are pretty good, but the problem is with the adjustments of the landingpages.

How do you solve this?

It’s actually not that complicated. At least, the problem isn’t with the AdWords campaigns.

Tune the contents with the AdWords campaign to correspond with the landingpage. Do this well!! Imagine you’re the visitor; wouldn’t you want to be able to find all the references made in the advert once you’ve come to the website?

If you’re going to create AdWords campaigns, or if you let a marketingbureau handle this, make sure that at least this tuning is well done! This prevents disappointment and gives more conversion on your clicks, thus more revenue.

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