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You probably don’t think about it often, but organizing a funeral is an extraordinary complex process. There are several transport flows, multiple locations and staff with diverse roles. All of this needs to be booked and planned. Because of the sensitivity of this work, no mistakes can be permitted.

Realizing a digital transformation is our plan for the future. This plan does not start with the means, but with the people. By providing user friendly software to the employees, which they helped develop, many advantages of digitalizing will be introduced. In this proces, a digital mindset will slowly but surely be developed and the company will once again be completely ready for the future.


  • Projectmanagement
  • Digital transformation
  • Process automation
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In the old company setting, while processing the planning process and file administration, many different applications were used. As wishes of the client regarding a funeral became more diverse and complex, and the amount of funerals increased, it became evident that the system wasn’t flexible and efficient enough to keep up. This created the need for one cloud-based software application that could manage the entire primary proces. All employees needed to be able to work together in an easy, flexible and efficient manner, in order to deliver high-quality funerals.


We first did research to see if any existing application would answer the many and complex demands of this process. However, there was none. On the one hand, this made it more complex. On the other hand, now we had the chance to challenge ourselves and create something tailor-made to answer to all needs. That’s why we decided to develop a tailor-made application. Within this application, the entire primary process will be managed: from file administration to planning all resources to communicating with clients.

Our role

While adopting the role of product-owner, we coordinate the entire project from orientation right up to the implementation. In close consultation with all stakeholders, the priorities are determined. We’re also constantly in deliberation with the internal organization for the development of the product-vision. We work closely together with the developing department to explain what the new demands and priorities entail and to determine together in which order the items must be developed to answer both the demands and priorities.


Within this project, we work agile and utilize the so-called SCRUM-method. The development is currently full in progress and the first partial deliveries already took place, to great satisfaction of the stakeholders. The development-phase will be finished medio October 2018. The entire implementation will actually be completed this year. With this, an important step towards the digital transformation has been set.

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