Always deliver wow.


Put the people first in everything you do


Be curious, question everything


Invest in improving yourself, your customers, and your environment


Always deliver wow

During the establishment of Nordhaven, we thought carefully about the way in which we wish to work with our client. We have composed the most important principles as guidelines to ensure that they are anchored to our work. Below, you can read what these guidelines contain.

statements we live by.

#1. People first

Although, we work with technology every day, we believe that everything starts with people. Always focus on people first; who they are, what they do, what they want to achieve, and how you can help them with that.

#2. Ask why

Children often ask: why? And that has a good reason; by doing so, they learn to understand the world around them. It’s a waste that we lose that quality when we become adults, because it is the route to new ideas. Stay curious, ask why.

#3. Keep it simple

People are often impatient and quickly distracted. Keep it simple and functional, and communicate to be understood.

#4. Strive for gold

Do not get satisfied with mediocrity. Ask yourself if this is the maximum result you can achieve. Is it unique, better than anything else? Whatever you do, make that difference. Play to win.

#5. Solve the real problem

Getting started right away, for many people, is a natural reaction when they have to deal with a great assignment. That is disastrous. Prepare and work systematically to solve a problem. Focus on the objectives, and do not be distracted by numbers that are not relevant to the success of your customer.

#6. Answer the bell

Be transparent and take responsibility for your work. Step forward when it becomes difficult, show leadership at decisive moments.

#7. Have fun

Make collaborations enjoyable by helping and surprising people. Inspire, motivate, and enjoy.